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Ruqyah & Hijamah Services USA

Assalam Alaikum Wa Rahama Tullahi Wa Barakath Hu!.

We offer Quranic Ruqyah  services based on Traditional Islamic medicine procedures according to Quranic Healing and Sunnah .

Ruqyah performed by Sk Hakim,

Main Location :

Dallas, TX, USA

Brampton : Mississauga road and Steeles

    • Canada CALL / TEXT: 647-722-9556
    • USA CALL / TEXT : 972-860-9787
  • You can visit Brampton center, or Ruqyah can be performed online over WhatsApp, Phone or Skype. (WhatsApp Preferred).
  • Online Live Ruqyah by Raaqi, same effective as in person.

What is Ruqyah ?

Ruqyah is Spiritual healing therapy, Ruqyah is seeking Allah help, protection, blessing, Ruqyah is reminding who we are, who created who protects, Ruqyah is about making our life fully of happiness by conecting to Allah Subahanava Taala, by reciting verses from Holy book of Quran, in specific sequence, order and number of times to get rid of black magic, nazar, evil eye and Jinn possession.

Strictly following Quranic procedures, in Islamic way. SorceryBlack Magic, fortune telling, charms, and Taweez are shirk and strictly prohibited in Islam.

Performing sorcery, seeking sorcery is shirk, should not be practiced, when we are need of help, healing healing blessing support we should only call Al Mighty God creator of universe and protect of universe Allah.

Ruqyah healing for everyone.

In situation when you can not travel and far way from our location, we offer you full initial consultation over the phone and skype, followed by LIVE ruqyah Sessions over the phone / WhatsApps / Skype worldwide.

Ruqyah Services:

  • Sorcery – Black Magic ( Siher ) removal
  • Evil eye ( Nazar) removal
  • Envy (Hasad) removal
  • Jin – Demonic Possession. removal
  • Dream interpretation

Who can Benefit:


  • Chronic Health issues
  • Un diagnosed health issues
  • Body pain, all over body pain
  • Chronic Head aches, migraine
  • Burning pain
  • Frequent health issues one after another
  • Doctor unable to diagnose, health check shows ok
  • Depression doctors unable to treat
  • Very low energy, always feeling tired
  • No motivation, no energy,
  • Un expected High BP, CHOLESTEROL, DIABETIC (get first medical treatment)
  • Un able to conceive children
  • Miscarriages
  • heavy, prolonged menses
  • Heavy sweating, in palms and feet, scalp
  • Surgeries after surgeries (un usual)
  • Sudden diagnosis


  • Unable to concentrate in education
  • Grades falling, poor memory, no interest
  • Loosing interest in studies
  • Feeling sad, depressed, lack of motivation
  • Anxiety, stress for taking classes and exams


  • Hurdles to find job, unsuccessful in getting jobs offers, promotions
  • Barriers to better career
  • Lack of Barakah, how much hard work and you earn


  • Lack of business growth
  • Losses in business
  • Failures in business
  • Debts, No savings.


  • Blockages to getting marriage proposals
  • Failing to become fruitful marriage proposals
  • Disagreements between married couples
  • Lack of interest and care for spouse
  • Spouse in another relationship, abandoning spouse and children
  • Unable to conceive
  • Children disobedient to parents


  • Disturbing dreams and scary dreams
  • Seeing wild animals and snakes in dreams
  • knight mares
  • Seeing dead people
  • Hearing sounds
  • Experiencing somebody around
  • Extreme stress *
  • Anxiety *
  • Un diagnosed medical condition *
  • Panic attacks *

Addictions :

  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Drugs
  • Gambling
  • Games
  • Any bad addiction
  • Sports addiction
  • High spending lavish life addiction
  • Social life addiction
  • Eating addiction
  • Pain killer addiction.
  • For any addictions take professional and along with Spiritual healing

* Contact first your family doctor .

For any health conditions, first source of contact is your family doctor and Physician, it is very important that medical treatment should not stopped or abandoned. Duva the prayers are the complimentary healing therapy along with (Duva) the medical treatment. Never lose hope, Allah send you to this world on a mission, life is precious , you are very very important to your family friends and community, always seek the guidance and help from one and only creator and protector of this universe The God, Allah Subhanava Ta’laa.

For further information and questions call :

Our clients privacy and confidentiality is very important for us, we strictly follow confidentiality and privacy.

Sk Hakim

Natural & Spiritual Healer

Ruqyah Session Fee for USA Clients: There is no fee for the Initial consultation 15 Minutes only.

In Person: / Live Online

  • First Time Ruqyah session : 1 Hr Session $120.00
  • 30 Minutes Consultation and 30 Minutes Ruqyah
  • Follow up Ruqyah 30 minutes $60.00
  • Other services
  • Ruqyah bath, kit $200.00
  • Hijamah : $120.00   12 Cups
  • Blessed water up to 5 bottles priority mail $40.00
  • Blessed Extra virgin Olive Oil $40.00
  • House call in GTA $200.00 1 person 1 session

Note : All the items blessed by Sk Hakim

Ruqyah blessed water, olive oil, Sidr leaves,Senna leaves

Please take online live Ruqyah session, when you dont have local professional Raaqi,

There is no difference in healing process when Ruqyah done in person or remotely live from anywhere in this world.

Important is strong belief in Quranic healing and continues required therapy persistently till healing is done.

Self healing is like self medication, like we need to see a doctor for any health issue, we need to see Professional Raaqi.


Near Madinah Masjid of Carrollton, TX, USA

Canada – Brampton, ON, CANADA

Major cities in Ontario  – Online Ruqyah covered

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Disclaimer: We understand importance of medicine and healing therapy prayer (duva). For any health related issues first point of contact is your family doctor or a health care provider. For emergency situations call 911 to get immediate care.

We are not against modern medicine, or medical treatment, always seek doctors help, however you have right to know what kind of treatment you are getting what is prescription and whats treatment plans, what are side effects for any prescription and procedure, take multiple opinions always .

This is only a complementary Islamic healing therapy , we strongly advice that do not stop any on going medical treatment, do not stop medicine and consult with your family doctor and discuss with them.

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