Ruqyah & Hijamah by Sk Hakim in D.C Area

Ruqyah and Hijamah Virginia Washington D.C Maryland

Assalam Alaikum Waraham Tullahi Wa Barakatha Hu,


My brothers and sisters living in area near Virginia Maryland, Washington DC, Pennsylvania New Jersey and NYC.

Sheikh Hakim Jahangir  offering   Ruqyah and Hijamah in D.C area in Herndon, VA.


Schedule :


  • Ruqyah Events :

    Ruqyah Events : 11th Sept – 16th Sept 2021 Herndon, VA

    Location : Herndon, VA

    New York City :  17TH SEPT – 18th SEPT 2021

    To Book appt please CALL / TEXT / WHATSAPP : 571-781-4072

How to get appointment:

  • CALL / TEXT for appointment schedule
  • Make Payment ( Zelle USA)
  • Take the Ruqyah Session on WhatsApp
  • Open 7 days a week serving all over the USA

Location : Herndon, VA, USA

Elden street & sterling parkway

Call us to know more and any questions.

Offering Our Prophet Mohammed S.W.S (P.B.U.H) highly recommended healing power therapy 1500 years Hijamah & Ruqyah.

Ruqyah and Hijamah therapy  for the brothers and sisters in living local area and USA and Canada : Virginia, Maryland, Baltimore, Washington D.C, Delaware, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, PA,  New Jersey ( Edison, Princeton, Jersey City), New York.

email :

Event Ruqyah charges

  • First time  Ruqyah  $120.00 (60Minutes)
  • Follow up Ruqyah  $60.00   (30 Minutes)
  • Hijamah : $120.00
  • Ruqyah bath kit : $200.00

Other services:

  • Hijamah cupping
  • Ruqyah
  • Scalp Hijamah
  • Therapy for Chronic Health Conditions

For more details check out our website
For any chronic health condition pick up your phone and call

About Sheikh

Al mighty Allah Suba hanava ta’ala’s slave and servant Sheikh Hakim Jahangir , brings the treasure of three generations of spiritual and traditional medicine healing to the needy in community. His great grand father Imam Sheikh Abdul Quader, grand father Imam Sheikh Yaseen Mohammed and father Imam Abdul Quader Mohammed were imams in India ,He has been practicing powerful Quranic healing ruqyah methods based on our Prophet Mohammed S.W.S (P.B.U.H) guidance path shown in hadith. He has respect for all the faiths, religions, treats equally for everyone.

email :

Cant attend event : take LIVE Ruqyah Session with Sk Hakim

CALL / TEXT : 571-781-4072

Scheduling Live Ruqyah Session with Sk Hakim easy.

Call / Text for appointment

  • 571-781-4072
  • Mention Preferred day / date / time
  • (Morning, after noon, Evening)
Payment by

    • Paypal
    • Interc email

    • RUQYAH

Live session by Telephone

  • Whatsapp,
  • IMO,

For more details check out our website
For any chronic health condition pick up your phone and call

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